Smashed Lemon Green Shorts

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When you want to remain comfortable, you are going to love wearing shorts like these Sash Tie Front Mini Shorts. The lightweight fabric will help you to remain cool even when it is getting hotter outside. An elastic waistband will make it simple for you to slip on the Comfy Wide-leg Shorts as you are getting ready. The sash tie in the waist goes through belt loops and is tied in the front. This will allow you to have a bit more of a statement as well as be able to control the fit even better.

The side pockets are cut vertically so that they will disappear into the fabric. The mini length of the Versatile High Waist Shorts and a loose fit assure that you’re going to have an easier time maintaining your cool when you’re out and about in the sun. The single color scheme throughout means that mixing and matching will be a lot easier to accomplish. Enjoy the easy-to-care-for shorts with several different outfits.


  • You can easily slip on the shorts with an elastic waistband.
  • A sash tie in the waist is tied in front through belt loops.
  • Pockets are cut vertically to disappear into the fabric.
  • You'll be able to keep cool in the sun thanks to the shorts' mini length.
  • Mixing and matching are much easier with the single color scheme.

Specifications :

  • Style: Shorts
  • Pasvorm: Losvallend
  • Model: 173 cm lang en draagt maat S/36
  • Country of Origin: Made in P.R.C.
  • color: green
  • Fabric composition: 100% cotton
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