Smashed Lemon Maxi Dress Ornament Print

€68.00 €85.00
Size: Uk8

Discover the allure of Smashed Lemon with our latest fitted maxi dress, a perfect mix of elegance and comfort. Designed in a rich green and white ornament print, this dress embraces your femininity with a tight fit and a waistband at the back to accentuate your waist. The Smashed Lemon Tight Maxi Dress is made of stretch material, making it not only close-fitting, but also moves with your natural movements. The tight fit emphasizes your figure in an elegant way, while the rear waistband defines a hint of the waist for a flattering look. The green and white ornament print adds a touch of luxury to this maxi dress, making it a stylish choice for different occasions. Whether you're planning a summer evening out or celebrating a special occasion, this dress exudes sophistication. The combination of comfort and style makes this maxi dress an essential item in the wardrobe of every modern woman. Wear it with confidence and experience the ultimate mix of fashion and comfort.


- Tight-fitting maxi dress with stretch material for a comfortable fit

- Waistband at the back for a flattering look

- Designed in a rich green-white ornament print for a luxurious look. Upgrade your style with the Smashed Lemon Fitted Maxi Dress and experience the perfect interplay of fashion, comfort and femininity.


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